Dear Dr. Diana Scott,

Last June 1st, I fell on my kitchen floor, landing on my side. That night I could not sleep because of the pain. I could not turn on my back and had difficulty getting up and out of bed. Later I saw your advertisement about body pain. I wrote down your address and phone number, called your office, and made an appointment. When I met you, I saw that you are very charming, very nice and friendly to all of your patients. In the three sessions that I had with you, my aching back was feeling much, much better. The trips to Milpitas from Sunnyvale were well worth the effort.

I would like to thank you Dr. Scott, for relieving me of my back pain. If any of my friends are suffering from any sort of body pain, I will surely recommend you very highly.

Thank you very much.


Mrs. Consuelo R. C.


Hello, my name is Lucy C. I have a heart problem. I have tried many other sources of medical help but unfortunately they never helped me. Before I came to see Dr. Scott, I've been suffering from severe heart palpitations, choking and hard time breathing for five months. Since January this year I have been picked up by ambulance at least five times. Went to emergency on my own at least 9 times. Even though I went to the hospital they still could not help me. My problem still remained the same. I have tried acupuncture for three months but did not help me.

Then my husband told me about chiropractic. I told him the chiropractor is only for accident patients. He tried, and tried until he was able to force me. Around middle of May this year, I went to see Dr. Scott. I told her that she was my last hope. "Please help me." She then told me that she would do anything to help me recover. Dr. Scott gave me positive thinking again.

My first week of visit, I came three times. I felt really amazed because I fely some improvement with my body. I was so amazed that I wanted to recover as fast as I could so I went to her office everyday for almost a month. I felt so much better that after only one month my palpitations, choking and chest pains have decreased.

Now after five months. my palpitations, choking, and having hard time breathing have stopped because of Dr. Scott's tender loving care. Now my husband, daughter and son also visit Dr. Scott.

I am very happy to say, because of you I am well now. I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to Dave for his patience and support during the bad and stressful days of my life.

We thank God for giving us a very good doctor who gives us good service.

Thank you.

Lucy C., Union City, CA

p.s. I still visit Dr. Scott just to maintain my good health.

Dear Dr. Diana A. Scott And Staff,

Bago ang lahat nagpapasalamat ho ako sa inyo sa mga nagawa nyong tulong sa Mister ko ( Horacio). Nakatulong ho ng malaki at nakaginhawa sa kanya, nawala na ang mga sumasakit sa kaniyang likod at awa ng Diyos ay nakakakilos na at nakakapagtrabaho na sya dito sa bahay. Inuulit ko ang pasasalamat sa inyo. Kaya sa inyong mga may dinaramdam huwag kayong magatubili, punta agad kayo kay Dr. Scott, at matutulungan niya kayo.Thanks again.

Lilia C.



Dear Dr. Scott and Staff,

May this coming New Year bring your family and staff more blessings in return to your desire to serve and help people like me who need occasional body maintenance. It has been many years since Sept. 1999 when I walked into your office for help.

I hurt my neck at work trying to do multiple tasks at the same time. At the beginning, I thought it was just a minor twist and pinch in my neck. Towards the end of my work day, I couldn't move my neck. I took the chance of driving to your facility in so much pain. I had to move my entire body to be able to check my sides for any possible nearby cars that I could hit, I was in tears begging for your help to get my neck back in normal condition. You took me in for therapy just to ease my pain. Sadly, you informed me that I had to go through the required procedures of the company's Workmen's Compensation policy. I couldn't wait to go back to your office for adjustment. The multiple therapy and pain medications I was given by the insurance prescribed doctor provided me with temporary help. The pain came back just as soon as the pain medicine wore off. The adjustments you provided me enabled my neck to move again. Little that I realized that my neck injury also impacted my shoulders and upper back. Although the treatments I have received took care of my problems then, I still have to from time to time come in for maintenance. My body gives me signals when your services are needed. I want to maintain my mobility pain free. This is the quality of life I want and need. Thanks to you and your staff.

Susan L.


"Oras Na" Dr. Scott at iyong mga kasama na tanggapin ninyo ang taos pusong pagpapasalamat ni A. at ako sa paggamot ninyo sa amin at magtitiwala kayo na ibabalita namin na ang paggamot ninyo ay tutuong makatulong para sa kalusugan maski sino man.

Conching C.


Dear Dr. Scott and Staff:

First of all I would like to thank you and your staff for all the wonderful treatments that you have done to me.

Last January, I was involved in a car accident. I was pretty sore and almost cannot move. I have back and shoulder pain and become so worried that I might not be able to play bowling anymore due to my injuries.

I called my officemate and she told me to call Dr. Scott right away. I did and made an appointment to see them as soon as possible and was so impressed by the way they treated me. They were all so friendly, compassionate and they took care of me right away.

After few treatments I could tell right away the difference and felt much better again. And sure enough, since then I was able to play bowling again and was able to play it good and even able to play a perfect game with the score of "300" and I owe all this to Dr. Scott. Because of this, I am dedicating my perfect game of "300" to you for taking care of me and doing such a good job. You are also GREAT and a very GOOD FRIEND.

Shirley R.


To Dr. Scott and Staff:

I sure hope you all have a great Christmas and a very happy New Year!

Thank you for making a new patient feel at home.

Jim H.


To All Of You:
Thank you so much for your Kindness, care and positive thoughts.
I will forever be grateful.

Merry Christmas to you and your families and also a fantastic 2011.

Shirley L.


To Doctor Diana Scott, Ate Iola, Ate Kristina and Doctor Li,

I would like to thank all of you for everything you've done for me. I appreciate your kindness. You are a family to me, I will never forget you as you've taken good care of me. Thank you so much!



Hi, all of you Staff of Dr. Scott chiropractor,

I just only report to you about my new cell phone number and my new address. Thanks to you Dr. Scott and your two masisipag at maaasahan sa mga gawain...Kayo ang mga SUBOK NA MAAASAHAN AT SUBOK NA MAY KARANASAN.....maraming nagbago sa buhay ko noong naging pasyente ako, hindi lang kayo manggagamot kundi nagbibigay advice sa mga taong stress sa kanilang buhay....Andito lang ako if you have some problem about electrical sa abot ng aking makakaya......thanks again to all of you....I will visit your center sometimes. Bye...



Dear Dr. Diana A. Scott And Staff: Dr. Lee, Iola, Christina, and Mary,

Please accept our "Thank You" from the bottom of our hearts.

After the car accident, we were not sure of what to do. At the same time, we felt extreme back pain. "Oh my God, we needed guidance on what to do first". We had a check up by our primary doctor, but it was not enough. I asked my mother-in-law, Consolacion Corpuz, about you. After checking your website, we were enlightened, so we decided to call your office right away. Iola answered and scheduled our first appointment. Then the rest is history, as we experienced a smooth and wonderful ride from the beginning of our treatment until the last visit, smiling and feeling comfortable going home, then back to work as if nothing happened.

The care and treatment that we received was beyond our expectations. We felt so welcome by your kindness and pieces of advice on positive thinking.


Mabuhay and May God Bless Scott Chiropractic.


Francisco, Aquichita, and Franklin A.