Familiar Lines And Positive Approach

Familiar Lines:

1. I'm busy. I have no time.
2. It's too expensive.
3. I have no pain. I'm okay.
4. Drugs will take my pain away.
5. Oh...I thought chiropractic is just for "accidents."
6. I have no insurance.
7. You're closed on Sundays :-)
8. I can't be there. I'm sick today. (???)
9. You mean I can drop in?
10. My insurance does not cover chiropractic.

Better and Positive Approach:

1. I have to make time for myself. I have only one body and I need to take good care of it! No spare parts!!
2. Many people avail of Chiropractic care. I'll go for a free consultation and find out how much treatments will cost me. I owe it to myself.
3. I found out that a lot of conditions exist and yet there could be absence of pain. Why should I wait for pain to come? I bring my car for maintenance before it dies out on me. My body is too important to ignore!
It's my Best machine!
4. I should find the true cause of my pain. Medications will merely mask my symptoms. I am an organic matter. I should feed my body organic food and avail of natural means to combat my pains.
5. I don't need to be in an "accident" to get Chiropractic care. The fact that I battle challenges each day is enough stress on my body and mind. I am the greatest computer ever created! I need to be adjusted and taken good care of! Then, I can face the world's challenges with more power!
6. So what if I do not have insurance? I still deserve Chiropractic care! Yes, my body matters, too! Not everybody has insurance. I can make it work for myself. All I need is to go and find out.
7. There are seven days in a week. If one or two days don't work for me, I am sure there are five others!
8. I am not feeling well today. I need my Chiropractic adjustment so that I could feel better and recover faster!
9. I know their office hours. I'll drop in. They'll take me.
10. My insurance coverage is limited. So what? I can still get my Chiropractic treatments. I'll go to Dr. Scott, talk to them about my insurance limitations, and they will make it possible for me to enjoy the benefits of Chiropractic anyway!